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Chris Meglen, Owner

Welcome to Meglens Waterwise Landscapes LLC, my name is Chris Meglen!

Meglen's Waterwise Landscapes LLC was formed in 2002 with the goal in mind of creating beautifully, stunning landscapes that incorporate many aspects of a Colorado landscape.  

We focus on the use of waterwise turf, hardscape patio areas and boulder walls tied into hardy well suited plants for our climate.  

We use many colorful perennials, grasses, shrubs, dwarf evergreens and trees that will provide seasonal interest for years to come.

Scroll down or go ahead and message me about what you'd like to accomplish with your project.


Services we offer


Understand First. The first step in starting your project would be the initial consultation. In this step or steps we figure out what your objectives are, see the lay of the land and how it fits with your house. We will try to figure a rough budget so we can begin the next step.

A new house with a sprinkler system and waterwise landscape waiting to be installed.


Create a plan that fits your budget. This is sometimes needed for projects that need a better visual representation of our ideas and also a guide for other sub contractors, HOA's, Landscape workers and me and you. At this point we have a rough idea on the landscape and its main objectives. My designer will now begin to work with us to create your landscape on paper.

Design Review

Communicate to all. I will accompany the first design or follow up on the consultation with a job cost proposal outlying what landscape materials and construction will cost. We will review and make changes necessary for design, budget and for HOA's and others to review. Once we are close to finishing the design and proposal we will assign a rough start date and submit any correspondence necessary to move to the next step.

Chris reviewing a landscape blueprint with a customer.

Construction and Install

Bringing the plan to life. At this point I will still be working with you to obtain the perfect product. We will continue to work together with design changes in the field, feedback from you and our professional staff in order to make sure we are surpassing your expectations. At Meglen's Waterwise Landscapes when we start a project we do not leave until it is finished, we do not have multiple projects going at once. We do this so every client gets the same professional team, special treatment and undivided attention.  We are confident we will complete your project in a timely and professional manner with a beautiful final product.

Project Examples

We love our customers!

Customer Testimonials

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We first met Chris in 2018 and asked for design and installation services at our new home west of Wellington. His design ideas and phased-in approach resulted in a hardy and beautiful landscape that we have greatly enjoyed. He and his staff were extremely hard working, responsive, and respectful of our time and property. We are looking to add more trees and have already called Chris to begin the process. We highly recommend Meglan's for landscape design and installation.

Pete H.

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We contracted with Chris to do some extensive landscaping work on our property in the upper Poudre Canyon.  I just walked the property and could not be happier.  He did what he said he would do, when he said he would do it, for the exact price we had agreed on.  Thanks Chris!

Joy O.

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Meglen and his crew were fast, effective, hardworking and dependable. Loving our beautiful new yard. We are very happy customers.

Julie M.

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